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Spice house is the product of a daring, adventurous entrepreneur that is detail obsessed with everything from food to interior design. Lino Joseph a native Florida boy who parents are from Haiti, made Atlanta his city to call home. With a true passion for Lino would travel throughout the islands searching for great dishes, then returning home to spend countless hours cooking the dishes. Joseph identified the need in Atlanta for refined Caribbean restaurants. Spice House was born in 2017. The first restaurant is located in the beautiful Cascade Heights community. Spice House, Cascade location was revamped from an old gas station into a beautiful restaurant. The menu was developed from distinct and different dishes from some of the selected islands in the Caribbean including; Haiti, Jamaica, Trinidad, and the Bahamas. Spice House focuses on unparalleled service and giving guest a fine dining experience.








Spice House


    • A restaurant that featured dishes from several Caribbean islands, under ONE roof.
    • A restaurant to showcase refined Caribbean food.
    • A restaurant offered Caribbean wines & spirits that everyone else overlooked.
    • A restaurant that paid attention to the details in food, drinks and ambiance.
    • A restaurant filled with amazing art and well-designed iconic furniture.
    • A restaurant with well-crafted cocktails.
    • A restaurant that offered quality rather than speed.
    • A restaurant that was hidden away, yet convenient.